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> svuorela wrote in taglibwritertest.cpp:66
> yeah. given you write and read it, if somehow it gets encoded e.g. as 
> iso-8859-15 rather than utf8, the euro sign would be encoded as 0xa4 rather 
> than 0x20ac.
> As you write and read it in the same sequence, there is a possibiliyt for 
> this to pass when it shouldn't.
> Unfortunately roundtripping the files with bad editors can make this happen. 
> Especially on windows.

To be sure I understand correctly, using stringSuffix.toUTF8() is what you 
would like to see here?

> bruns wrote in taglibwritertest.cpp:75
> My idea here was to check each format twice, once with a simple latin1/ascii 
> string (stringsuffix = "") and a second time with some unicode chars (e.g. 
> "€", probably some more from other code blocks).
> This allows to differentiate if only unicode tags are broken.

That makes more sense of course, will update later to a unicode and a none 
unicode test

  R286 KFileMetaData


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