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  Something that might need a bit of input is `BatchRenameJob`.
  - This was added a while back so that Dolphin doesn't do a batch rename as a 
series of single file renames.
  - This job takes care of replacing the `#` placeholder as well.
  - What this patch really wants is an API to rename a list of files, into some 
new names without doing any additional handling except moving the files (as the 
placeholder replacement is done elsewhere).
  - By consulting 
https://lxr.kde.org/search?_filestring=&_string=BatchRenameJob we can see that 
Dolphin is the only application to make use of this `BatchRenameJob` API.
  - Leaving credit to the original author, since the `#` placeholder will not 
be used anymore. Should we re-purpose this class to accept two lists, one with 
the current names, the other with the new ones and remove the original 
placeholder implementation (as it would be mostly dead code at this point) 
while keeping everything else intact.

  R241 KIO


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