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  In D17500#376221 <>, @aacid wrote:
  > In D17500#375753 <>, @astippich 
  > > Oh, thanks for the hint, didn't know that. That makes it a lot more 
complicated than a straight port :(
  > >  Looking at the code of kdegraphics-mobipocket, shouldn't the thumbnail 
extractor actually be part of kio-extras? Seems quite KIO-specific, and a quick 
look at lxr didn't reveal any usages of the thumbnailer.
  > Why would it be part of kio-extras? the beauty of plugins is that they can 
live wherever, no?
  My thinking here was that a lot of other thumbnailers are located in 
kio-extras. Moving the thumbnailer there too would lift the KIO dependency and 
make qmobipocket easier to deploy and to be used by others.
  > Do I understand that the answer to my "Is it possible to move the extractor 
to kdegraphics-mobipocket instead of having it in kfilemetadata? " question is 
  > If so, that probably needs fixing, the fact that you can't have external 
plugins means that the code is probably not as good as it should
  No, the answer was I don't know :) But as @mgallien and @bruns stated, it's 
possible. But I lack the time and motivation to work on this.
  But honestly, I'm not super interested in this, I don't have any mobipocket 
files. I just saw that this code lay there disabled for years, and thought it 
would be easy to enable, which it isn't.
  Would you be fine if I disable the mobiextractor like before, and merge the 
changes anyways? This way, it does at least compile and runs if someone enables 
it in cmake.
  Otherwise I will abandon this revision.

  R286 KFileMetaData


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