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  Before continuing work I'd like to hear some opinions on this.
  1. From @dfaure or other people at frameworks: How do we handle batch rejame 
jobs. Should I create a new patch to submit a basic batch move job that simply 
moves files around without any additional processing, that way it can also 
serve as a generic batch move job(I have written in previous comments more on 
this how I think it should look like). As I don't think going back to doing 
many single move jobs is the best of ideas. Also this patch is getting way too 
big and difficult to review.
  2. From everyone else (also pinging @ngraham) since we're doing this and the 
code sans the KIO batch stuff is almost done, are there any additional features 
we might want to take into consideration? E.g: File metadata?

  R241 KIO


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