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  KIO::move (implemented by CopyJob) can move N files to a single destination 
directory, but they get the same name at that dest.
  KIO::moveAs (implemented by CopyJob too) can move/rename a single file to a 
specific filename at destination.
  What you're suggesting is a new job that can move N files to a destination 
directory (to make this generic it doesn't have to be in-place renames, 
right?), but you're providing the filename at destination for each file, right?
  This sounds good to me. I could imagine this being handled by CopyJob too.
  The struct CopyInfo already stores source and destination URLs for every 
file, it's just that the destination URL is filled in 
CopyJobPrivate::slotResultStating by appending the filename to the dest dir, 
except in moveAs (m_asMethod==true) where the destination URL *is* the final 
  I could imagine a KIO::moveAs that takes two QList<QUrl> and then this 
information is fetched from there rather than using m_dest.
  In fact, if the existing moveAs() method is ported to call the two-QLists 
one, that will mean less special casing in the code (which wouldn't use m_dest 
anymore in slotResultStating, when m_asMethod).

  R241 KIO


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