ervin added inline comments.


> davidedmundson wrote in kcoreconfigskeleton.cpp:140
> Do we need to make this
>   if (d->mIsDefaultImpl){
>      return d->mIsDefaultImpl();
>   }
>   return false;
> and initialize mIsDefaultImpl to nullptr
> so that it doesn't crash if someone subclasses KConfigSkeletonItem directly 
> and doesn't implement this?

Initializing to nullptr wouldn't help, you would get the same behavior than 
with the default constructor.

It means it doesn't crash but raises a std::bad_function_call exception, which 
I think is fine... it's the next best thing to a pure virtual, but it's caught 
at runtime. I don't think we can do better than this in the current situation.

> davidedmundson wrote in kcoreconfigskeleton.h:218
> Is this an ABI break?
> :/

*gasp* you're right, how stupid of me... we can't merge that...

  R237 KConfig


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