On Sunday, 15 April 2018 1:25:08 PM NZST Frank Steinmetzger wrote:

> I use KMail only on my IMAP server and sync that to my machine using
> Offlineimap. But once on my harddrive, my scenario is the same as yours:
> read mail from one Maildir tree on several machines at the same time.
> My approach is to use the syncing solution called Unison. That way I can
> read and edit Mail on both machines, and unison detects all the 
changes in
> the file system, including mail that was moved from new to cur after it 
> read. As long as I don’t edit the same mail on both machines, Unison 
> perfectly with this.

Thanks.   I see Unison is available as a .deb and I've just installed it on 
both machines.

It looks as if that could be the optimum solution for my setup.   All I need to 
do now (after I've debugged why not all the emails in 'new' subdirectories 
are showing up as 'unread') is do a one-time copy of the entire Maildir tree 
to my laptop and thereafter, periodically keep it synced with Unison.   



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