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Review request for Kdenlive.

Repository: kdenlive


This patch adds the ability to not only extract a frame (in the monitors), but 
to immediately add it to the project for further use.
- For the UI design, this is a separate function, not folded into the existing 
"Save Image" dialog. Instead, the user now has an additional menu item "Extract 
frame to project...".
- When using "Extract frame to project", the following "Save Image to Project" 
file saver dialog proposes a (hopefully) suitable image file name. It bases on 
either the clip name (when invoked from the clip monitor) or the project name 
(when invoked from the project monitor), and the number of the frame extracted. 
This allows for a smooth workflow when extracting multiple still images from 
the same video clip.
- The two menu items for extracting images are corrected to end in "...", as 
with both menu items the user will see a dialog following menu item selection.
- The patch avoids duplicating code, so slotExtractCurrentFrame is used for 
both extraction, and the optional add-to-project step. This is achieved using 
an optional flag. The new menu item is wired up to 
slotExtractCurrentFrameToProject, which simply reroutes to 
slotExtractCurrentFrame using the optional flag.


  src/monitor/monitor.h 39679d8 
  src/monitor/monitor.cpp 8d77d8b 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/128929/diff/


Testing on recent Kdenlive git master.


The DiveO

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