Hello all,

Next year Brazil will host the 2017 Libre Graphics Meeting in Rio de
Janeiro. Although the date hasn't yet been set it will probably be around
the 20th April. What do you say we have a community meeting to get to know
each other, have a BoF post the 16.12 cycle, get to know other LGM people,
etc? I am going to propose to the organization to have a Libre Video
Meeting to discuss workflows/integration among projects (Natron, Blender,
Shotcut, Kdenlive, MLT, Gstreamer, etc...)

There will also be Lakademy (Latin Akademy) held around the same time and
it could be a good place to meet as well, expand the latin community and
get more devs/contributors among other things. Here is some more info:

Ideally it would be great if you could make it to both since the dates are
so close ;)

See you soon?


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