2018-02-19 16:53 GMT-03:00 Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <j...@kdenlive.org>:

> Hi all,
> I just uploaded the first beta AppImage for the upcoming 18.04 release.
> It should fix all crashes reported recently by Harald and Farid.

Thanks for all the hard work! Please test it people if you can. :D

This is still crashing:

> Slowmotion is also available as testing in the timeline context menu.

Cool. Will test soon.

> https://files.kde.org/kdenlive/unstable/kdenlive-18.04-
> beta1.AppImage.mirrorlist
> Feedback welcome and I will announce it tomorrow on the website if all
> goes well with a reminder for tomorrow's café.

It is a great idea to write a post about it. Hopefully we can get more
testers. Might be a good a idea to state to report the errors at the
phabricator thread or here. Since the bugtracker isn't receiving
refactoring issues.

> Regards
> Jean-Baptiste


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