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widely mixed results over here...

Hello Harald,

  * I'm feeling lost and frustrated ... the beta crashes on whichever
    *existing* Kdenlive project I try to load, even before the
    timeline gets populated. I would have expected a proposed beta to
    be able to load at least some existing projects ... but then, "at
    least some" doesn't seem to include my projects ;)

I can understand your frustration. There might be a difference between what I perceive as a developer and the user experience. I admit that project loading is still vastly untested and I am not really surprised by the crashes. Most of the loading issues should however be easy to solve (for example all projects using an affine transition currently crash because of a missing file - will fix that for next AppImage).


  * adding a c&t composition in a new project finally works without
  * adding a c&t to the Video 3 track, then moving it down, then
    moving it up again messes up the track to compose with; I end up
    with track Video 2, but the timeline shows with track Video 1 instead.
  * the "automatic" track setting for compositions/transitions is
    missing ... will it come back?

Yes, the automatic track for compositions has to be reimplemented, I will work on it in the next days.

  * while I welcome the new timeline displaying the track with which a
    transitions interacts, I'm afraid that when I have multiple
    compositions on multiple tracks within the same timeline region,
    this becomes a mess. Is there a chance of getting some arrow
    indication or something else linking the transition to the bottom

Yes. this track indicator was more of a test and is really messy when we use several compositions. We still have to figure a better UI. Maybe show it only when the composition is selected ?

  * creating a project with a single clip on Video 3 and a c&t
    composition on Video 3, saving, new, then load this project again,
    then clicking on the clip in the timeline causes a crash.

I cannot reproduce with current git. I will upload a new AppImage when the automatic composition feature is back, and then we can start testing for issues on project load/save.


Am 03.03.2018 um 18:05 schrieb Jean-Baptiste Mardelle:
Hi all,

I have just uploaded the latest development AppImage at:

I switched the name to 18.08beta to reflect our last café's decision.
This image should fix all issues reported in phabricator at:

It also contains 2 changes not yet commited to git: boiko's work fixing multiple clip drag from project bin, and my reintroduction of the rotoscoping effect.

One known issue is that if you cut a split clip (audio/video), the cutted parts don't retain the "split" property so applying speed effect won't work on audio after a cut but that will be solved in a later update.

Please test and report problems on phabricator.


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