Hi Jogchum,
18.08 is the separate refactoring branch using projects files (yet) 
incompatible with the stable series and thus 18.04. So, yes, this is by design. 
Also, older Kdenlive releases can't read projects which bear a higher format 
version than they support themselves. Usually, new project features were 
introduced withe new releases, and thus the project format version bumped up. 
However, newer versions can read older version up to a certain level. This does 
not apply or only very limited to the refactoring branch.
Best regards,Harald

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Betreff: Re: Latest stable AppImage 

    Op 11-04-18 om 20:45 schreef
      Jean-Baptiste Mardelle:



      I just uploaded the latest AppImage candidate for the stable



      This AppImage includes all the latest fixes:

      * Fix regression in 17.12.3 breaking fades and geometry keyframes
      on resize

      * Fix startup crash in some configs

      * Fix luma in wipe transition not found after saving project

      * Stop warning about missing app for DVD

      * Fix lowres icons on High DPI

      * Fix download resources (render profiles, etc) sometimes broken

      * As well as the latest MLT version fixing the alpha transparency
      of some 10bit YUV formats.


      Translations are missing, I hope to get them back for the final
      18.04 release.


      Please test and report problems quickly so I can maybe improve the
      AppImage for the final release (19th of april).






    With this
      release, I can't open projects created with
      kdenlive-18.08-beta0.AppImage. It reports 

        project type is unsupported (version 0.97) and can't be loaded.
        consider upgrading your Kdenlive version.
    Is this by
      design, or is something going wrong?

      Jogchum Reitsma


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