In R├╝cksprache mit magius leite ich das an euch weiter, weil ich weder 
im Mai noch im Juni kann. Wenn jemand von euch schon immer mal nach 
Italien wollte und Lust auf so ein Treffen hat: Ansprechperson ist magius 
(siehe Email unten).


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Betreff: organizing a meeting in Italy
Datum: 2010-03-10
Von: magius <>

Between Rome and Livorno there's a little group interested in
organizing a meeting about "free mode of production" and related
theories. Our background is marxist, and we're interested to work on
relation between Marx, Oekonux, Krisis, Degrowth (in italian
"Decrescita"), P2P Theory (Bauwens) theories. Possibly we wish to have
this meeting on May/June in Livorno and/or Rome.  We wish to make a
bibliography/siteography and if possible also ask a call for papers.
We have very low budget, but we can provide free hospitality and train

Are you interested to help us?


Start here:

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