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  crypto/vmx/p8_ghash memory corruption

Status in linux package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Committed
Status in linux source package in Xenial:
  Fix Committed
Status in linux source package in Yakkety:
  Fix Committed

Bug description:
  That bug was reported on the linux-crypto mailing list by Jan Stancek.
  The bug is not easily reproduced on Xenial because the crypto API test
  manager is not enabled and the hash test that exorcises this bug is
  not present on the Xenial kernel.


  I'm chasing a memory corruption with 4.8-rc7 as I'm observing random Oopses
  on ppc BE/LE systems (lpars, KVM guests). About 30% of issues is that
  module list gets corrupted, and "cat /proc/modules" or "lsmod" triggers
  an Oops, for example:

  [   88.486041] Unable to handle kernel paging request for data at address 
  [   88.487658] NIP [c00000000020f820] m_show+0xa0/0x240
  [   88.487689] LR [c00000000020f834] m_show+0xb4/0x240
  [   88.487719] Call Trace:
  [   88.487736] [c0000004b605bbb0] [c00000000020f834] m_show+0xb4/0x240 
  [   88.487796] [c0000004b605bc50] [c00000000045e73c] seq_read+0x36c/0x520
  [   88.487843] [c0000004b605bcf0] [c0000000004e1014] proc_reg_read+0x84/0x120
  [   88.487889] [c0000004b605bd30] [c00000000040df88] vfs_read+0xf8/0x380
  [   88.487934] [c0000004b605bde0] [c00000000040fd40] SyS_read+0x60/0x110
  [   88.487981] [c0000004b605be30] [c000000000009590] system_call+0x38/0xec

  0x20 offset is module_use->source, module_use is NULL because 
  gets corrupted.

  The source of corruption appears to originate from a 'ahash' test for


  With some extra traces [1], I'm seeing that ahash_partial_update() allocates 
56 bytes
  for 'state', and then crypto_ahash_export() writes 76 bytes into it:

  [    5.970887] __test_hash alg name p8_ghash, result: c000000004333ac0, key: 
c0000004b860a500, req: c0000004b860a380
  [    5.970963] state: c000000004333f00, statesize: 56
  [    5.970995] shash_default_export memcpy c000000004333f00 c0000004b860a3e0, 
len: 76

  This seems to directly correspond with:
    p8_ghash_alg.descsize = sizeof(struct p8_ghash_desc_ctx) == 56
    shash_tfm->descsize = sizeof(struct p8_ghash_desc_ctx) + 
crypto_shash_descsize(fallback) == 56 + 20
  where 20 is presumably coming from "ghash_alg.descsize".

  My gut feeling was that these 2 should match, but I'd love to hear
  what crypto people think.

  Thank you,

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