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> Hi,

> Since there was a concern about these books being outdated, I want
> to mention here also a book titled "Professional Linux Kernel
> Architecture", by Wolfgang Maurer, Wiley, 2008, 1368 pages. (I read
> it partially) And also I agree with Robert saying that he wouldn't
> count on that publication date of LDD4 by Oreilly, since indeed the
> publication date was postponed in the past (at least once but maybe
> more, I am unsure about that)

  first, i wouldn't put any stock in a tentative publication date for
LDD4, as i have already offered to be a technical pre-publication
reviewer for that book, and i have been informed that there is no
guarantee that there will be a new version of that book.

  (frankly, i would doubt it only because there would be *so* *much*
content, it would be hard to pack all that into a single book. i can't
even imagine trying to list everything one would have to cover in that
newer version.)

  however, there are some git repos for the examples in LDD3 that were
being updated to keep up with the kernel source -- here is one of


i don't know if that code is still maintained, but it's definitely
more relevant than the code snippets from the original LDD3.

  and as far as robert love's "linux kernel development, 3rd ed"
(LKD3) is concerned, i was the technical editor for that book and,
yes, it's also starting to look a bit dated but it's still pretty
decent. once upon a time, i started a wiki page to try to keep up with
changes and additions:


but i just haven't had the time to stay on top of it. perhaps i should
make another concerted effort to get back to that and bring it up to
date again, and add more content (more on this in a bit).

  finally, i once wrote an online course for intro to kernel
programming, it's still here (and, again, being crazy busy has kept me
from updating it but i really want to get back to *that* someday as


the first edition is the more complete of the two, but also the
older; the second edition was meant to be a newer version, but i just
ran out of time moving everything over, but you're welcome to use
whatever you can from either of them -- there's no charge for them, so
help yourself.

  more thoughts on all of this in a bit ...



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