On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 12:48:11 -0500, Demi Obenour said:

> Why haven't NetMap or MegaPipe been merged?  I am wondering because they
> seem to be big wins for performance, but neither has been upstreamed.

It helps if you help identify things for those who haven't been deeply involved.

Are these IP network things, or fiberchannel stuff, or Infiniband, or something 

Where is *mergeable* source for them?  (usually, the "why isn't this already 
is "because the code is a steaming pile of dingo's kidneys").

Are there actual measurements rather than just "seem to be big wins"?

What downsides are there?  What configurations does this become a big 
performance *loss*?

Are the downsides documented?

And that's just the start of questions that will get asked before it gets 

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