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> Hello everyone,
> There is an example of LTE netdevice in the Linux source tree?
> In particular, I would like to know if there is any device driver that
> implements the layers required by the 3GPP standard. I imagine that it
> should exist something since Android is communicating over LTE, but I can't
> find any reference. What I fear more is that everything related to LTE is
> inside the closed device firmware, and data is sent from the TC layer into
> this black-box firmware through a sort of API. In this case, it would be
> wonderful to know where, exactly, this API is used, to try to understand
> what the firmware is doing.

In addition to GKH's answer, what I have seen...

Some Android code to talk to the radio is written in plain java, like

The GNU Radio folks may have relevant information. I seem to recall
they work from userland and not the kernel, though.


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