Jeffrey Walton <> writes:

> In addition to GKH's answer, what I have seen...
> Some Android code to talk to the radio is written in plain java, like

Well, that only talks to the RIL so it is pretty high up the stack.  If
you want the software that actually implement the 3GPP stuff, then you'd
either give Qualcomm your right arm and your first born or you look at
what the Osmocom guys are doing.

The RIL is closed source too, and it will only use some high level
protocol like QMI or AT commands to send requests to the modem firmware
anyway. You can skip both the java code and the closed source RIL and go
straight for oFono or ModeManager if you want stuff at that layer.  But
I understood the original request as wanting to see more detail at the
actual radio layer.  That's difficult.  But you might get some useful
info out of the debug interfaces.


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