Hi all,

using ftrace events to trace the sys_open*() system calls seems to be a rather quick way to determine which files were used when running a program. E.g., recording the the start and the end of any open* system call while running ls /:

   # trace-cmd record --stderr  -e syscalls:sys_enter_open* -e
   syscalls:sys_exit_open* -c -F ls / 2>/dev/null

Printing the recorded trace yields::

   # trace-cmd report
   bin    dev    home        initrd.img.old  lib32  lost+found mnt 
   proc  run    snap  sys  usr    vmlinuz
   etc    initrd.img  lib            lib64  media       opt  root
   sbin    srv   tmp  var    vmlinuz.old
   version = 6
   CPU 0 is empty
   CPU 1 is empty
   CPU 3 is empty
   CPU 4 is empty
   CPU 5 is empty
   CPU 6 is empty
   CPU 7 is empty
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.397993: sys_enter_open:
   filename: 0x7f471c8e9271, flags: 0x00080000, mode: 0x00000001
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398000: sys_exit_open: 0x3
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398012: sys_enter_open:
   filename: 0x7f471caf0d60, flags: 0x00080000, mode: 0x7f471caf0168
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398013: sys_exit_open: 0x3
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398043: sys_enter_open:
   filename: 0x7f471cad14c8, flags: 0x00080000, mode: 0x7f471caf0168
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398045: sys_exit_open: 0x3
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398070: sys_enter_open:
   filename: 0x7f471cad19a8, flags: 0x00080000, mode: 0x7f471cad1000
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398071: sys_exit_open: 0x3
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398092: sys_enter_open:
   filename: 0x7f471cad1e98, flags: 0x00080000, mode: 0x7f471cad1000
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398094: sys_exit_open: 0x3
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398113: sys_enter_open:
   filename: 0x7f471cad0548, flags: 0x00080000, mode: 0x7f471cad19d0
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398115: sys_exit_open: 0x3
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398326: sys_enter_open:
   filename: 0x7f471c6bfc15, flags: 0x00000000, mode: 0x000001b6
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398331: sys_exit_open: 0x3
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398375: sys_enter_open:
   filename: 0x7f471c470760, flags: 0x00080000, mode: 0x00000000
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398380: sys_exit_open: 0x3
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398428: sys_enter_open:
   filename: 0x01c97cc0, flags: 0x00090800, mode: 0x00000000
                  ls-8307  [002] 15379.398430: sys_exit_open: 0x3

Unfortunately, although ftrace prints the filename's address for each file being opened, I could not seen any way to obtain the filenames themselves.

Any ideas on how to get hold of the filenames would be great, thanks.



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