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> What's wrong with this?
> /usr/bin/strace /bin/ls /

I started uisng strace, and you are right, it does what I want. But it is just too slow for my purpose: I want to record all dependencies, intermediates and results of an arbitrary build process to automatically record the build's dependencies. On subsequent runs of the build, these depencencies could then be used to decide which compoments must be rebuilt due to changed dependencies.

But using strace (or even ptrace directly) typically doubles the build times, which is unacceptable particularly because the whole point was to speed up (at least subsequent) build times.

> Bonus hint: ls doesn't even call open() on the files, it calls stat() on the files. > Your open() calls are probably for shared libraries or stuff in /usr/lib/locale/

Yes, using "ls /" /might not have been /the best initial example, but listing the loaded shared libraries is perfectly fine for my purpose of dependency recording, because the "results" of running "ls -l" do depend on its shared libraries!
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