On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 08:37:08AM -0500, valdis.kletni...@vt.edu wrote:
> This is probably a Bad Idea, because it results in a module that was built 
> against
> a different .config than the kernel it is loaded into.  All sorts of things 
> can go
> wrong (for instance, consider if your local Kconfig did a 'select' to turn on
> a CONFIG_ variable that wasn't on in the main kernel config).

I see. Thanks for explaining.

> You should just get the module fixed so it can be upstreamed and in-tree 
> rather
> than live life as an external module (plus, if you do that, you no longer 
> need to
> do all the updating of code when in-kernel API's change ;)

Well, I'm new to module programming and I'm interested in academic research on
NUMA balancing techniques. This module is where I intend to test new ideas and
it is definitely not ready for merging upstream. This is the reason it will
probably remain as an external module.

> If you need config options for a module,

Your email ends abruptly, I guess something wrong happened. Could you resend
this part?

~ Gustavo

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