On Thu, 22 Feb 2018 11:13:09 -0300, Gustavo Leite said:

> Well, I'm new to module programming and I'm interested in academic research on
> NUMA balancing techniques. This module is where I intend to test new ideas and
> it is definitely not ready for merging upstream. This is the reason it will
> probably remain as an external module.

I'm not sure that NUMA balancing is something you'll be able to do in a module 
- I
am pretty sure that not all the infrastructure you'll need is accessible from a 
If you're ending up tossing EXPORT_SYMBOL() all over the place, making your own
code a module isn't going to help.

Plus, one of the big reasons to use modules while developing is so you can
just insmod/rmmod and iterate testing without needing to reboot.  I doubt
that you'll be able to remain constrained to balancing techniques that
support an rmmod - the kernel doesn't have much infrastructure to
defend against race conditions against module removal other than the
reference count against the module itself.

> > If you need config options for a module,
> Your email ends abruptly, I guess something wrong happened. Could you resend
> this part?

Derp.  That was from a previous draft and not removed - I think it was the 
first line
scrolled out of sight in the mail edit buffer. :)

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