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> Ccing Dave, not sure if crash utility also need update about this
> issue..

Hi Pratyush,

Yes it does, I fixed it upstream a few weeks ago:

  commit a16324a2f05c0947a83e26a5de7c756de4603da9
  Author: Dave Anderson <ander...@redhat.com>
  Date:   Thu Jul 6 16:19:41 2017 -0400

    Fix for Linux 4.13-rc0 commit 7fd8329ba502ef76dd91db561c7aed696b2c7720
    "x86/boot/64: Rename init_level4_pgt and early_level4_pgt".  Without
    the patch, the crash session fails during initialization with the
    error message "crash: cannot resolve "init_level4_pgt".

As well as a fix for the SECTION_MAP_MASK change:

  commit c24011916c6f70b3828ab522e3e6b0edb3c82677
  Author: Dave Anderson <ander...@redhat.com>
  Date:   Wed Jul 19 10:06:49 2017 -0400

    Fix for Linux 4.13-rc1 commit 2d070eab2e8270c8a84d480bb91e4f739315f03d
    "mm: consider zone which is not fully populated to have holes".
    Without the patch, SPARSEMEM page struct addresses are incorrectly
    calculated because a new section state, and an associated flag bit,
    has been added to the low bits of the mem_section.section_mem_map
    address; the extra bit is erroneously passed back as part of the
    section_mem_map and resultant page struct address, leading to
    errors in commands such as "kmem -p", "kmem -s", "kmem -n", and any
    other command that translates a physical address to its page struct

I don't have support for 5-level paging as of yet.



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