I am trying to boot another kernel for rpi4, using a kexec tools,
The kernel booted already, is compiled with KEXEC=y,
using the official sources for rpi (4.19.86-v8+)
The rootfs generated with debootstarp for arch 64
The command I am trying to execute is:
kexec -l /boot/Image --dtb=/boot/bcm2711-rpi-4-b.dtb --ramdisk=/boot/rootfs.cpio
-- reuse-cmdline
this doesn't work and the logs are:
[    99.107018] Can't kexec: CPUs are stuck in the kernel.
kexec_load failed: Device or resource busy
entry      = 0x3d9d690 flags = 0xb70000
nr_segments = 4
segment[0].buf = 0x7f84316010
segment[0].bufsz = 0x1951a99
segment[0].mem = 0x80000
segment[0].memsz = 0x19ca000
segment[1].buf = 0x7f81fc9010
segment[1.bufsz = 0x234c800
segment[1].mem = 0x1a4a000
segment[1].memsz = 0x234d000
segment[2].buf = 0x5597abe9b0
segment[2].bufsz = 0x521b
segment[2].mem = 3d97000
segment[2].memsz = 0x6000
segment[3].buf = 0x5597ac4030
segment[3].bufsz = 0x3458
segment[3].mem = 0x3d9d000
segment[3].memsz =  0x4000

Could someone please help to figure out what's the problem ?



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