Dear Kexi contributors and users,

1. Tasks moved

KDE's service will be retired soon. The replacement is a
more modern and multipurpose tool.
We've been using Kexi board for task management:

I reviewed, updated and then moved all these tasks from
to Kexi Workboard:
Shortcuts for your convenience:

Some tasks wider than Kexi has been moved to Workboards of so-called
Kexi frameworks:
- KProperty:
- KDb:
- KReport:

3. Bugs and wishes

In the following days a number of wishes or bugs will be also created
based on the removed tasks at or in addition to
existing tasks. We have the usual distinction because wishes and bugs
are items that are not particularly being handled at the moment, while
tasks are some concrete activity that needs to be accomplished.
By the way, shortcuts:

2. Plans
Remaining information to be moved to Phabricator and is
located on the wiki:

I hope collecting the information in one place will improve your experience.
We have lots of the data now and many ideas, but much more is needed.
Feel free to report wishes, bugs, discuss on Kexi mailing list or Kexi forums.

This message has been posted to the forums too:

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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