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> Hi,
> A little FYI/thumbs-up ... despite plans to get Karbon working on Mac
> first it's Kexi that won in the end.
> Not the standalone, all-inclusive app bundle some might be hoping for, but
> a MacPorts package (port):
> https://github.com/RJVB/macstrop/tree/master/kf5/kf5-kexi
> I've committed a few minor patches (building and installing the app icon,
> building the handbook) but there's need for more work: the interface is
> completely messed up when using the native Macintosh widget style.
> This *may* be the kind of glitch that made KCalc unusable with the native
> style.
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=374177
> Additionally there's an issue with the file dialog; the menu for choosing
> the sorting and display mode opens but doesn't work, and drop-down
> completion lists appear in the background. These features work in other KF5
> applications.
> Maybe Kexi shouldn't try to impose the Breeze iconset on Mac?

​These are great news​, ​René!
Maybe I am repeating myself but the enforcement of the widget style and
icon theme is dictated by a specific approach: maintainer of a style is
free to add the style/theme and even change the default or add an
So there's open path to change of the default e.g. on Mac to a specific
different default. It's possible as soon as the new default is not 'worse'
than the Breeze one. Contributions are needed in kexi.git, kreport.git,
kproperty.git it seems. Also once we have documentation updated, we need
these contributions to be extended to the docs: Mac docs will need updates.
Unless these contributions are here I am a bit afraid we're risking
inconsistencies between platforms and inferior experience on Mac (no docs,
incomplete icon theme or styles).

I'm sorry if this conservative talk sounds like raising a bar.
A first step, a lower bar, could be an alternative icons set for Kexi. Icon
sets are somehow supersets of icon themes from Linux, dedicated, and can be
deployed separately, just like you know it from Firefox, etc. Support for
this is not yet ready because, you guess it, lack of contributors willing
to work on them.

> R.

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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