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> On Monday December 26 2016 20:18:39 Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
> >​These are great news​, ​René!
> >Maybe I am repeating myself but the enforcement of the widget style and
> >icon theme is dictated by a specific approach: maintainer of a style is
> >free to add the style/theme and even change the default or add an
> >alternative.
> I didn't deactivate anything to force a particular applications style, so
> I'm not sure which enforcement of widget style you're hinting at. For
> Breeze I just deactivate the check in the toplevel CMake file because the
> packaging system ensures that the icon theme is present.
> Do note that all this probably won't work with an unpatched Qt where
> QStandardPaths returns very different locations and icon themes can only be
> installed as an embedded resource. For application styles it's even more
> difficult: if you want the full theming including fonts and colour palettes
> you need to provide your own platform theme plugin (basically, the KDE
> platform theme plugin from plasma-integration, or rather the Mac-specific
> version from my osx-integration "scratch" repo).
> >Unless these contributions are here I am a bit afraid we're risking
> >inconsistencies between platforms and inferior experience on Mac (no docs,
> >incomplete icon theme or styles).
> You must have misunderstood something: the experience *is* inferior on Mac
> ATM, with a stock Qt and without jumping through a certain number of hoops.
> It would be much easier and in line with consensus among KDE devs to ensure
> that Kexi works with the Macintosh native theme. Using Breeze icons with
> that isn't an issue of course; there are even instructions on creating the
> required embeddable resource (by Kate's author, Christoph Cullmann).
> Those instructions might even be useful to figure out how to create the
> icons.rcc resource during Kexi's build (and then to be installed as a
> Kexi-specific resource), I think that would be a more elegant and cleaner
> approach than depending on the resource's presence.

​I am sure current Kexi master may be inferior on Mac to what you see on
Linux or Windows because ​it was not tested there at all. Nice to hear new
from Wojtek too...
One thing, the 3.0 branch for 3.0.x series is explicitly unsupported for
Mac - we're not changing it anymore for anything but more critical bugfixes.

The KDE's ​breeze-icons.rcc ​
​is ​built by default now from breeze-icons.git (my patch was accepted).
Kexi's kexi_breeze.rcc is built in Kexi already the way you describe since
3.0.0. The same thing is used since 3.0.0 for KReport/KProperty. I
recommend using  master branches for all the repos though.

All means are used to make Kexi work OK with stock Qt.

> >I'm sorry if this conservative talk sounds like raising a bar.
> I don't mind. I really don't like Breeze (theme nor style), but as long as
> I don't have any use for Kexi personally (currently a simple fact) I'm much
> less concerned by choices that affect the interface appearance than I would
> be with, say, KDevelop or digiKam.
> I may have a bit of time this week to look at the file dialog question.
> About that: Kexi just finished building on my Linux rig, and I get a very
> similar issue when I use the import wizard to import a database and then
> open the dialog configure drop-down menu. With the QtCurve menu the mouse
> and keyboard are grabbed, meaning I have to use a remote connection (or a
> timed kill command) to get out of the ensuing deadlock. This doesn't happen
> in any other application, so something fishy is going on here. (Evidently
> there's no mouse or keyboard grab on Mac, not in the X11 sense in any case).

​Good, thanks for reporting any issues in detail. bugs.kde.org is
preferred, and screenshots/videos help a lot. One good thing almost ready
for Windows that can be good for Mac too: KFileWidget would be optional so
native Open/Save dialogs (+KUrlRequester and a simple
QFileSystemModel-based list view) would be available for non-Plasma

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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