libfreetype depends on libgraphite2
_pcbnew.kiface dependency chain: libfreetype > libharfbuzz > libglib > libpcre
_pcbnew.kiface dependency chain: libfreetype > libgraphite2
libboost_regex dependency chain: libicuu > libicudt

Why libboost is included i don't know. The -DKICAD_SKIP_BOOST=ON seems not to 
be honored (or means something different than i assume).

No, i have not compiled OCE myself, i used the kicad-winbuilder to build where 
OCE is a dependency.

I have compiled OCE once but never installed it and it was a different msys 
Looking at the makefiles, produced during kicad-winbuilder build, it's clear 
that it is the oce package which is being used.
From: Nick Østergaard []
Sent: 18 September 2016 09:42
To: Gustav Bergquist
Subject: Re: [Kicad-developers] pcbnew tools uses long instead of intptr_t

2016-09-18 1:04 GMT+02:00 Gustav Bergquist <>:
> Hello,
> I just managed to setup a build environment on windows and noticed that
> kicad/pcbnew/tools/pcb_editor_control.cpp
> kicad/pcbnew/tools/pcbnew_control.cpp
> have <long> when <intptr_t> probably is more correct.
> See attached patches.
> Next up the wx ABI and wxPython ABI differs so i have built wxwidgets and 
> wxpython from source.
> if anyone needs help with this i am happy to help.
> With the new OCE library for the 3D viewer the following dll-files is 
> necessary in the bin folder:
> libpcre*.dll
> libicu*.dll
> libgraphite2.dll

I still don't understand what exactly depends on those dll's. Did you
build OCE yourself? If so, with which options?

> /Gustav
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