I just tested this since you fixed the windows extension issue.  The
menu item is enabled but I always get an "Unable to create step file
whenever there are spaces in the file name and/or path."  You didn't by
chance forget to double quote the command line string did you?  If you
don't, spaces in file and/or path names in command strings will fail.

Just a couple of quick comments nothing major.  wxT() macros are no
longer required in wx3 so try to remember not to use it anymore since
it's slated to be deprecated in the future.  It's also not necessary to
convert path separators in strings when you are already using
wxFileName.  You can use wxFileName::GetFullPath() which will return the
native separators no matter what you feed it with.  You can also convert
to the unix file separator for storage by using wxFileName::GetFullPath(
wxPATH_UNIX ).  This removes the need for #ifdef WINDOWS/#endif to do
the separator conversion.



On 9/19/2016 3:53 AM, Nick Østergaard wrote:
> Looks good, I will test it soon. But I noticed that it looks like you
> did not use the copyright template copyright.h from the root of the source.
> Den 19/09/2016 09.46 skrev "Cirilo Bernardo" <
> <>>:
>     The kicad-step feature branch now implements a STEP Export. The menu
>     item may need a new icon (I lazily reused the IDF icon). Any testing and
>     comments would be appreciated. The kicad2step utility which performs
>     the conversion is of course dependent on OCE and is only built when
>     KICAD_USE_OCE is defined. The "Export STEP" menu item is disabled
>     if the kicad2step executable is not found in the same directory as the
>     pcbnew executable.
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>     - Cirilo
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