I am tinkering the appearance of some icons and I would like to improve the
following menu by adding specific archive icons and make some of the text a
little clearer.

This is the current code:

    //----- archive submenu
    wxMenu* submenuarchive = new wxMenu();

    AddMenuItem( submenuarchive, ID_MENU_ARCHIVE_MODULES_IN_LIBRARY,
                 _( "&Archive Footprints in Project Library." ),
                 _( "Archive footprints in existing library in footprint
Lib table"
                    "(does not remove other footprints in this library)" ),
                 KiBitmap( library_update_xpm ) );

                 _( "&Create Library and Archive Footprints." ),
                 _( "Archive all footprints in new library\n"
                    "(if the library already exists it will be deleted)" ),
                 KiBitmap( library_xpm ) );

    AddMenuItem( aParentMenu, submenuarchive,
                 _( "Arc&hive Footprints" ),
                 _( "Archive or add footprints in library file" ),
                 KiBitmap( library_xpm ) );

I would propose these changes:

_( "&Archive Footprints in Default Project Library" ),
_( "Archive all footprints in existing default project library file"
    "(does not remove other footprints in this library)" ),
    "(the content of default library is maintained)" ),

 _( "&Create New Library and Archive Footprints" ),
_( "Archive all footprints in new library file\n"
    "(if library file already exists its content is rewritten)" ),

 _( "Arc&hive Footprints" ),
_( "Archive or add footprints in library file" ), >> _( "Archive all
footprints in library file" ),

For the option "Create New Library and Archive Footprints" I think it is
not clear what library file will be used. Default Project Library sounds
good to me but I dont think there is a default project library.

Any feedback is welcome
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