> On Mar 2, 2018, at 10:28 AM, Andrzej Wolski <awolski.ki...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Jon,
> I probably didn't express myself clearly. What I mean is a situation when 
> *only* enabled layer if F.Paste and then you disable "Pads Front". Now 
> nothing is visible on the board, but footprints are still selectable.
> In other words, when no single item belonging to footprint is visible, 
> footprints should not be selectable.
> Do you still disagree with me?

I agree with Andrzej. This is the crux of my bug report.

But I understand what Jon is saying, and it doesn’t contradict. If the _pads_ 
(for example) are invisible, but say the silkscreen is visible, then the 
footprint _should_ be selectable.

That, I think, is the difference between layer visibility and item visibility. 
All of the layers could be visible, but if I disable Footprints Front, then 
everything associated with all top-layer footprints vanishes and none of the 
footprints can be selected. That’s the proper operation.

The converse of that is if I leave Footprints Front visibility enabled, and 
then I go and disable all of the layers associated with front footprints, like 
I did in my bug report case (disable all layers except Cmts.User), I am still 
able to select all of the invisible footprints. That’s not correct (IMHO).


> Andrzej
> W dniu 2018-03-02 o 15:42, Jon Evans pisze:
>> Hi Andrzej,
>> This was my intention, which is why I said I was prepared for other people 
>> to have other opinions :-)
>> I think that you should still be able to select footprints even if the 
>> "front pads" is hidden from layers like the paste layer, *unless* you are in 
>> high contrast mode.
>> -Jon
>> On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 3:53 AM, Andrzej Wolski <awolski.ki...@gmail.com 
>> <mailto:awolski.ki...@gmail.com>> wrote:
>> I've tried this patch, and there is a small issue: if you have only eg front 
>> paste layer enabled and front pads are hidden, footprint is still selectable.
>> Andrzej
>> W dniu 2018-02-27 o 04:11, Jon Evans pisze:
>>> This patch changes the selection logic for footprints to fix a reported 
>>> issue[1] and to make the behavior more logical to me.
>>> I know that correct selection behavior is something of a personal 
>>> preference, so I'm ready to be flamed :-)
>>> The new behavior:
>>> A footprint may be selected if:
>>> 1) The corresponding "Footprints" switch is on in the Items tab, AND
>>> 2) One or more of the layers that the footprint draws on is visible
>>> This means that if all of the layers are turned off, footprints are not 
>>> selectable (fixes the bug), but it also means that now footprints can be 
>>> selected if any draw layers are visible (for example, if you have only 
>>> F.Mask enabled, you can select a footprint that has solder mask and is on 
>>> the front layer).
>>> Before anyone complains, this is only if high-contrast mode is turned OFF.  
>>> When it is on, you can still only select items that *only* exist on that 
>>> layer (to make moving silkscreen around easier, for example)
>>> Even though this adds some more for-loops to selection filtering, I have 
>>> not noticed any performance hits on some selection of large boards that I 
>>> tested.  More testing is welcome.
>>> [1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1751960 
>>> <https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1751960>
>>> -Jon

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