My second "show stopper" bug for me, using V5 RC2

I also reported this in the bug tracker, again sorry for the double up.

I was trying to layout a board, but Kicad is refusing to let me lay tracks or vias in close proximity to the board edge.  Its highlighting the edge, and ignoring any command to drop the via or track segment.

The problem is, this proximity seems to be uncontrollable, I can't find any option which sets it, or even references it.

Further, the proximity is a really long way from the board edge, which makes routing a tight board tedious because you need this excessive and unnecessary border.

For example, this is fine:

But this is not:

You can also see the "halo" is well over the via, and would cover it in both positions.

So, it just looks and feels wrong, and seems totally uncontrollable.  I should be able to place the annular ring of the via right up against the edge of the fill of the zone.  Now it may be this isn't a bug and i have my setup wrong, and i would be pleased if it were the case, but if it is so, then the option controlling this isn't obvious at all, and the halo being shown still looks wildly off.


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