Am 12.04.18 um 18:33 schrieb Reece R. Pollack:

> Yes, I'm going a bit off the original topic. Maybe we should start a new 
> thread. But I see an issue arising in the future where people are going 
> to want to install V5 but not give up V4 quite yet. For example, board 
> houses that accept KiCad board files may not be ready to make a hard cut 
> to V5 until they're sure it's really ready, but they'd like to be able 
> to accept V5 board files. Right now that would be difficult without 
> compiling from source and installing in a separate directory.
> I'd hate to see KiCad miss this chance to embrace multiple installation 
> support just because we're thinking only of the testing environment.

This is mainly no problem of the upstream KiCad project, it's more a
problem then on the distributions side.
Even right now it's possible to build both versions and install them
independently on your system.


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