After considering my patch, what about the following proposal:

Just change the hard coded string in common.cpp (at around line 243) from:

cfgpath.AppendDir( wxT( "kicad" ) );


cfgpath.AppendDir( wxT( "kicad.v5" ) );

(or some other string)

Thats it.  Then Kicad Version 5 will have a unique configuration directory that will not conflict with version 4.

If an end user wants to bring their kicad V4 configuration over to v5, they just copy it themselves.  Otherwise it starts with a brand new blank configuration.  Alternatively packaging might be able to copy it over.  But i don't see any real need to do it for the user at that stage.  Its just a complication.

Then when the development branch is forked, just rename this again to something like:
cfgpath.AppendDir( wxT( "kicad.v6dev" ) );

(or whatever).

Then an end user can have V4, V5 and a Nightly all on the same machine and configurations won't conflict.

Anything more exotic can be deferred to V6 development.


On 08/04/18 13:33, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
Am 07.04.18 um 17:34 schrieb Strontium:
Attached is a patch for discussion only.

Its the minimum change I could come up with to implement a unique
version specific config directory.

Nick mentioned changing XDG_CONFIG_HOME, that will not work on Windows
or Mac.
And on Linux, etc it will change from "~/.config/kicad" to
"~/somethingelse/kicad" which would work, but isn't a very friendly
naming scheme.
Changing XDG_CONFIG_HOME itself wouldn't be correct. XDG_CONFIG_HOME is
pointing to '$HOME/.config' and XDG_DATA_HOME is referencing to

I'm sure Windows and Mac have similar variables for the folders that
should contain the logical same content.

The path to the KiCad user config must based on such variables plus the
preferred name for the config folder, so like kicad-5 (for KiCad5) and
kicad-6 (for future version KiCad6) and kicad-nightly (for devel
version). GTK is doing this for a long time.

$ find  ~/.config -type d -name gtk*
If KiCad will introduce some version specific user config and data
folders (which I appreciate to see) it will be needed to configured by
the build environment and not hard-coded in the binaries. The variables
can be overwritten with some additional value given while starting the

take the default folders
$ kicad

override the setting for the default config etc.
$ KICAD_XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/my/special/folder kicad

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