On Mon, 2007-10-15 at 03:47 +0000, gsun9999 wrote:
> Hello, I am a new user of Kicad. Is there a undo function in PCBNEW
> and 
> a ruler displayed with the dimension of the drawing with units
> choosen?
> Another small thing, how do I turn on snap-to-grid feature in PCBNEW?
Yep the ruler is called Add Coatation and it is on the right menu. Do
not use it on copper layers . The display metric or imperial depends on
the mm or inch tools on the left menu.

There isn`t any Undo feature implemented yet i think , but there is
Undelete function .

Snap to grid and snap to electrical grid is default turned on.
I think that it cannot be turned off exept for magnetic pads which is
from the Preferences --> General options menu.


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