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> Documentation for any project seems to be a necessary
> evil.  I'm not sure how how this suggestion might be
> implemented, but here goes.
> Create a mechanism to link the datasheet of a
> component to the component.
> This already exists.  In the lib editor, if you click on the Doc tab, you can 
> browse to the location of a data sheet and enter that.  Then in Eeschema, if 
> you right click on the component you will see "Doc" in the menu.  Clicking on 
> this brings up the datasheet.  I put my datasheets in 
> ../kicad/library/doc/project
> Each component has a few optional fields.
> 1) URL of manufacturer's data sheet
> 2) Local directory to retreive data sheet.
> Whether or not to 1) Use manufacturer's URL, 2) Local
> directory and/or whether or not to place a copy of the
> datasheet in the project directory.
Dave - WB6DHW

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