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> Hello John.
> > Am i right in thinking any text such as board name revision etc will go on 
> > silkscreen front and silkscreen back (mirrored)?
> No. Text can also be put to a copper layer. This has the advantage, that
> you always have this information on the board, even if you try to save
> money by not using a silkscreen print, or if a vendor forgets it.
> But at least, there has to be room enough at your board to put text
> information on the cooper layers. Isolating distance is an issue......
> With best regards: Bernd Wiebus alias dl1eic
> http://www.dl0dg.de
Thanks for the reply.

Just created my first of two boards for my project in kicad. Looks cool in 3D 
even...apart from needing to learn wings3d now for some of the components!

May send it off for manufacture before the second board is finished (42 year 
old excited kid here lol).

Has any one had experience of www.elektorpcbservice.com which seems to be 


John (UK)

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