On 2016.10.16 23:51, Michael Wolfe wrote:

I hope this question has an easy answer, and I apologize in advance for asking.

I'd really like to be able to build with the latest git repository version so I can use the Chase bank OFX fix. I'm currently using Windows 10, and don't know how to build on Windows. I'd be perfectly fine using a Virtualbox image (or VMWare if it's easier).

Does anyone know the fastest way to get to a good build environment for kmymoney? Stock Suse / Kubuntu / something else? Dependencies to install once there and build instructions?

Just trying to get a build up and running after trying with a Kubuntu install and spending ~4 hours the other day with no build to show for it.



I would not advise trying a KDE-Windows emerge based build. I've been trying on and off for months, and although I did get 4.8 built a while back, I have not yet succeeded with git head from 4.8 brtanch. A cygwin based build (using KDE from Cygwin Ports) is more likely to succeed, but there are still dependencies you would have to build yourself also.

I suspect a Kubuntu 16.04 inside VirtualBox should be your easiest, and you should be able to get some of the dependencies from Claydoh's PPA on Launchpad. Once you have the git clone done, there is also a command to get most of the dependencies built, instead of getting one at a time from failed cmake runs. Unfortunately, I've long forgotten it, and can't currently find it in the emails I still have. Hopefully someone who remembers will chime in. However, even without it, you just run cmake, and it will tell you the next missing dependency.


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