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=>By in or out of tree - it is whether the build directory is below the 
=>top source folder (within the source tree) or parallel to it (outside 
=>the source tree).  I've never been certain whether it theoretically 
=>matters, but it does sometimes make a difference, often due to how make 
=>handles the relative paths in the various Makefiles and related cmake 
=>files.  I don't know if it will matter, but it might be worth trying.  
=>Note your example doesn't show where you create the build dir, but it 
=>can be under $BP but should not under $KMMDIR.
=>However - you say you have two examples of failed build where 
=>kmymoneysettings.h IS present where we expect it.  So the issue is not 
=>whether that file gets built, it's why cmake isn't finding it when it 
=>needs it use it.  Looking carefully at the make output you provided, I 
=>see "Considering target file '//kmymoneysettings.h'."  I'm concerned 
=>about the leading double slash.  I don't know make well enough to say 
=>if that is a hint about the problem, but it does smell like it to me.

   FWIW, with the 4.8.0 tarball, I had to add the following:

CMAKE_ARGS+=    -DKMyMoney2_SOURCE_DIR=${WRKSRC}/kmymoney 

This is pkgsrc-speak, but the intent should be reasonably clear. CMAKE_ARGS
get included in the cmake command invocation, and ${WRKSRC} is the top level
directory of the sources. These two cmake variables are referenced in
kmymoney/dialogs/settings/CMakeLists.txt, in part to locate kmymoneysettings.h .

   I'm still having other problems building, which I mentioned in another
thread, but an extraneous issue on my development system prevented me from
working on it this past weekend. The above did seem to help, though.

   Good luck...

                                Gary Duzan

=>What versions of cmake, make, and autogen do you have?  I've got make 
=>4.2.1, cmake  3.7.2, autogen 5.18.4, and automake 1.11.6, 1.13.4 and 

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