Jack <>wrote:

=>On 2017.07.29 12:20, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
=>> On Samstag, 29. Juli 2017 11:36:32 CEST Gary Duzan wrote:
=>>>    I'll give that a try if I can, but pkgsrc building includes the
=>>> process of fetching the source, so I'd have to have a separate
=>>> version of the package to pull directly from git, and that can be a
=>>> bit unwieldy. Unless you can think of particular issues, I'd rather
=>>> get 4.8.0 working, then adapt the package when 4.8.1 comes out. If
=>>> there are minor workarounds necessary, pkgsrc can apply local
=>>> patches with no problem.
=>> Whatever 'fetching the source' means. I would consider checking out a
=>> tagged/ named version from a git repo als as 'fetching the source'.
=>> But I have no idea about pkgsrc, so this may all be invalid.
=>It turns out that the kde git repository has a read-only copy at
=>github, and github has single URL access to download a zip version of a
=>repository tag head. is the main
=>starting point for KMyMoney source and
=> shows the git head of the 4.8
=>branch, with giving you
=>a zip file of the tree at that point.  I believe there are also ways to
=>craft a URL to pull from a github repository at any specified commit,
=>but that's a bit more involved.

   Thanks. It is a bit off topic, but I'll explain the issues.
pkgsrc-wip (Work In Progress) has support for git checkouts, but
not the main pkgsrc, so while a git-tracking wip package may be
useful, it isn't ideal for those hoping to migrate to pkgsrc. As
for branch tracking zip/tar files, pkgsrc records a checksum for
distribution files, so practically speaking it can't be a file that
changes. Once I get back to working on the package I'll see if
doing a git package is warranted.


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