--- Comment #204 from Marcel de Rooy <> ---
Nice addition ! (We are locally interested in such a feature too, but it would
need some extensions. )
Some comments from testing (no full QA). The first ones need immediate
attention. Some others are more future directed.

After updatedatabase feature is already enabled?
Distinction between record level and item level may not be clear for everybody.
Biblio level ?
Item level: if a biblio has no items, it is not useful to show Request Article
on results and detail.
Checking status: If an item has been checked out, I can still process and
complete an item based article request? You do not check statuses. Should we?
Or at least warn in the process to prevent mistakes? 
OPAC Detail menu: no icon for Request Article.  bodyid='opac-holds' ? copy-pasted (did not look
The new request message does NOT contain the pages that I entered in the OPAC
(though saved in the database). AR_PENDING
Typo in that notice: Article Request Recieved
Note that AR_PROCESSING did contain the entered page range in the second
notice. At first sight I do not see any difference between these notices for
pages. (The field name pages might be problematic in the TT environment just
like size?) 
circ/ Just from a code glance:
+    $patron = Koha::Patrons->find( $borrowernumber );
     $borrower = GetMemberDetails( $borrowernumber, 0 );
I understand that you will not be refactoring the script here, but seeing those
two calls here together does not look good. (Just mentioning)

In the new request, I am missing a field for the type of service: Do you want a
photocopy, a scan or still some other service ? These service types should be
controlled somewhere. For instance, one library only copies and the other
The message "You may pick your article up at RMA." only refers to photocopies?
A scan should be included in the mail (at least a URL where to download the
scanned portion of the biblio). This might be a local upload, but could well be
some external transfer service too. 

Future extensions?
I think we need some threshhold on the number of requests per patron. I saw
libraries offering one or two scans per day, additional requests being queued.
A maximum number of requests and a number to process per day might be a good
start. The second number could be used in reporting the pending requests to
pick next.

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