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--- Comment #214 from Katrin Fischer <> ---
Please fix:
- As not all of libraries are offering article requests, please turn the
  feature off by default when updating. Leaving it on for new installations
  should be alright.
- In the OPAC patron account, the td-cells already have a class on the
  article request table, can you add thoes to the th-cells as well please?
  This will make it possible to hide columns that the library doesn't
  want to use easily.
- Change cancelation to cancellation.

Would be nice to see fixed:
- maybe show 'Only' or some other indication in staff to differentiate 
  item and record level article requests a bit more clearly from each 
  other in the tabbed display (similar to how holds display)

Wish list for the future, to be turned into separate bugs:

- On the article request summary page the table could be styled a bit
  better. The columns are very small to begin with, especially for
  the title and the article information this can be a bit irritating.
- After cancelling a request there is no way to see those any longer.
  It would be nice to have a separate tab showing  'cancelled today' or
  'cancelled within x days'
- Similar for completed requests a 'completed today' or 'completed within 
  x days' tab could prove useful.
- When you don't use scans but provide copies for the patron to be 
  picked up, it would be nice to have a visual clue about those
  waiting copies on the check out and check in pages. One way to 
  achieve this could be an additional optional status "ready for pick-up"
  that would trigger a note to display. Once you hand out the copies
  you should be able to click a link or something and then the status
  would switch to completed.
- It could be nice to be able to switch back from 'processing' to 
  'pending' to undo a possible mistake made by the staff or if it turns
  out that the requested resource is not available at the branch (book
  is missing, serial issue is not complete etc.)
- Include a 'cancel' option in the patron form that leads back to the
  record. This could also apply to the holds page.
- Include the 'title of the record' as part of the breadcrumbs, so you 
  can go back as on other pages. This could also apply to the holds page.

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