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--- Comment #64 from Katrin Fischer <> ---
Hi Jonathan, mostly good - please take a look:

Administration > Authorized values

1) I think the 'virtual' authorized values branches, itemtypes and cn_sort
should not show up in the authorized value list in administration. It's not a
nice effect that it looks like you can add to them and then get an error
message - we should avoid that kind of user experience.

2) Small typo when adding to 'branches'. Should be:
The authorized value categories 'branches', 'itemtypes' and 'cn_source' are
used internally by Koha and are not valid.

3) If you typo in an authorized value category, there is no way to remove it.
That can get annoying pretty fast. We should offer a way to delete an empty
authorized value category (maybe if not empty too?).

4) The new empty option in the pull down list leads to some confusing display:
Authorized values for category :
There are no authorized values defined for 

Editing items

5) There is a problem with the STACK on 952$j as this doesn't exist. Should we
clean it up by removing it from the frameworks if there are no values defined
for it?

Authority types
6) Should we add the same FK relationship there? (separate bug?)

Successfully tested:
- Bibliographic MARC frameworks
- Cataloguing
- Patron attribute types / Patrons

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