--- Comment #67 from Jonathan Druart <> 
(In reply to Katrin Fischer from comment #64)
> Hi Jonathan, mostly good - please take a look:
> Administration > Authorized values
> 1) I think the 'virtual' authorized values branches, itemtypes and cn_sort
> should not show up in the authorized value list in administration. It's not
> a nice effect that it looks like you can add to them and then get an error
> message - we should avoid that kind of user experience.

Done, removed.

> 2) Small typo when adding to 'branches'. Should be:
> The authorized value categories 'branches', 'itemtypes' and 'cn_source' are
> used internally by Koha and are not valid.

Done, thanks.

> 3) If you typo in an authorized value category, there is no way to remove
> it. That can get annoying pretty fast. We should offer a way to delete an
> empty authorized value category (maybe if not empty too?).

Yes, it's in the TODO section of the commit msg.

> 4) The new empty option in the pull down list leads to some confusing
> display:
> Authorized values for category :
> There are no authorized values defined for 

Fixed, the empty one is no longer displayed.

> Editing items
> 5) There is a problem with the STACK on 952$j as this doesn't exist. Should
> we clean it up by removing it from the frameworks if there are no values
> defined for it?

I have not found regression with master. So let's deal with it on another bug

> Authority types
> 6) Should we add the same FK relationship there? (separate bug?)

Yes, and others as well. But that should be done on another bug report.

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