--- Comment #225 from Benjamin Rokseth <> 
Seems the behaviour is intentional:
method forced_hold_level is implemented in Koha/ and used in
reserve/ by this patch set, and is also commented:

>If a patron has multiple holds for a single record,
>those holds must be either all record level holds,
>or they must all be item level holds.
>This method should be used with Hold sets where all
>Hold objects share the same patron and record.
>This method will return 'item' if the patron has
>at least one item level hold. It will return 'record'
>if the patron has holds but none are item level,
>Finally, if the patron has no holds, it will return
>undef which indicateds the patron may select either
>record or item level holds, barring any other rules
>that would prevent one or the other.

but I'm not sure of the implementation since it seems to favour 'record' in any
other case than existing item level hold?

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