--- Comment #215 from Katrin Fischer <> ---
Checked the source code and got some questions:

To discuss:

1) Why did you put the new routines like can_article_request in I
think seems like a more obvious choice to me, as it already has
CanBookBeIssued, CanBookBeReturned etc.

2) There is another routine with the same name 'can_article_request' in - I know one is for record and one is for item level, but is that

To fix:

3) In there seems to have some extra code slipped in that shouldn't
be part of this patch set: guarantor

4) Please add the new notices and slip to the other non-english installer
directories as well!

5) Can you please put classes on the th elements in
as well? The td are already all classed up :)

6) This little piece of code gives me trouble, publishercode is filled in the
database, but it's not showing up. Same for pages in the same part of the code.
It looks like the values from biblioitems specifically are not showing up.
Also: if you catalog MARC21 there already is a ',', so there is no need to add
another in the template. The comma can be removed.

+                                                <div class="ar-pubdata">
+                                                    [%
ar.biblio.biblioitem.publishercode %]
+                                                    [% IF
ar.biblio.biblioitem.publicationyear %]
+                                                        , [%
ar.biblio.biblioitem.publicationyear %]

6) Patch uniminifies opac.css!

7) Test fails... perl t/db_dependent/ArticleRequests.t
Bareword "C4::Context::only_my_library" not allowed while "strict subs" in use
at Koha/ line 52.

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