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--- Comment #70 from Jonathan Druart <> 
Hi Alex,
This looks great, good job!

In my opinion, this is not ready yet to be pushed.
I have a few questions and remarks:

1/ I have tried the basic and advanced mode, the only difference I noticed is
that checkboxes do not appear on the next screen.
If it is the only difference, I do not see the point of that parameter.

2/ Before your patch, the "Select all options" was a button. It was intended
and is the correct element to use

3/ When all the default data are select, we get pages saying "there is nothing
to do because the data are already inserted". I think it would be better to
skip these screen and not to see them at all.

4/ The forms are not using the usual Koha style

5/ About the circulation rule, how did you pick the value to define?
For instance "Current on-site checkouts allowed" is not configurable and the
default value becomes "unlimited". I do not think it is the desirable behavior.

6/ I would suggest to add an option to skip the onboarding Should be an option,
we need a way to skip it

7/ At the end of the installer, the button "finish" has been replaced with "set
koha version system preference". The wording sounds wrong.

Maybe we need to have 2 choices at that point:
- Set up Koha with the onboarding tool
- Finish (and skip the onboarding tool)

8/ Cardnumber:
>From the template you use "minlength_cardnumber", but it's not pass from the
script (I may missed something).
The behavior of the validation is not correct, a cardnumber can be composed
with alpha chars.

I think it would be good to get Owen point of views about this change.

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