--- Comment #54 from Marcel de Rooy <> ---
(In reply to Pete Edwards from comment #45)
Hi Pete,

> 1. Was I doing something I shouldn't have been able to and this fix has not
> broken anything as sch - just done what it always intended?

Until we added the marcxml input format, the codebase only allowed you to
import marc records. If you imported excel records and it worked with your
plugin, you were just lucky. This was not intended to work at all. But it could
certainly be an interesting third input format for the codebase !

> 2. Whatever the answer to the (1) it does seem to have changed the data
> being passed to to_marc from scalar to array - surely that could break other
> people's plugins? 

Since a plugin is not part of the codebase, the author should tell its users
for which Koha version it is intended. It is not guaranteed to work with higher
versions of Koha.

Yes, behavior changed here. Before a string was sent consisting of multiple
marc records separated by linefeed (no excel expected here). Now an array is
passed with MARC::Record objects. I agree that this was not [clearly]
communicated. If possible, such interface changes should be avoided.

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