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(In reply to Katrin Fischer from comment #55)
> Hm, I don't agree with saying that plugins are not part of the codebase and
> people are 'lucky' if they work. 
Hmm, this is definitely not what I said!
Specific plugins are simply not part of the codebase. Just a fact.
I was not aware of the statement in the 3.20 release notes btw. Without that
statement you were lucky if you got excel files into Koha. Do not take these
words out of their context please.

> We highlighted creating plugins to convert arbitrary files as a new feature
> in the release notes of 3.20:
>  Add ability for plugins to convert arbitrary files to MARC from record
> staging tool (bug 12412)

The conversion from arbitrary files should have been incorporated much more
clearly in the interface and the code imo. The format option of the interface
does not show Arbitrary only MARC or MARCXML. It is not mentioned in the online
Help too. The code passes variable $marcrecords to BatchStageMarcRecords.
Inside BatchStageMarcRecords the to_marc plugin is called. Again the same
variable name $marcrecords is used. No mention of any arbitrary file type! No
comment whatsoever, etc.
So I can imagine that when Olli wrote the initial patches, he was not aware of
this. Neither was I when I rescued these patches and got them further.

At this point, we can only open a new report to add e.g. Arbitrary to the
formats when we have a plugin, or some other description from the plugin. And
call to_marc on these lines before passing them to BatchStageMarcRecords.
See bug 19049.

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 19049] Recover the Arbitrary file type on stage-marc-import with plugin
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