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--- Comment #80 from Katrin Fischer <> ---
I am testing with a kohadevbox, but have problems to access the file, even
though it is listed on the page. This is what I did:

- Added the entry to koha-conf.xml, copied from the plugins/uploads default
- Created a file with and moved it to the files directory
- The file is listed on the tool page
- When I try to access the file, I get "internal server error"
- The Plack error log shows:
  /home/vagrant/kohaclone/tools/ line 119.
  I thought it might be permission related, but even with 
  777 the problem remains:
  -rwxrwxrwx 1 kohadev-koha kohadev-koha 592 Aug  8  2017 report1.csv

While testing I've made a few little changes:
- Fixed conflicts on from adding/removing the link before
moving it to tools
- Slightly reworded second line on the tools page to be a bit more verbose.
- Added entry to the

Attaching this as a follow-up for sign-off if you agree.

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